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DBWD Bookmark Page Plugin – Version 3.8

 Download Plugin – Installation Instructions Below

As simplistic as this Plugins function may seem it was something I wanted to include on our sites main page to encourage, and remind, my visitors to bookmark the main page so they would be more likely to return.

I searched the WordPress repository for a button and was rather surprised when I could not find such a plugin.

Yes I found many that would make bookmarks but every one of them was far more complex than they needed to be, were for social networks or communities and not one simply bookmarked the page I was on.

So sticking to the Software Engineering Motto… when all else fails… “Write it”…

We use this plugin ourselves. See it in action on the right.

DBWD Bookmark Plugin

Places a Button anywhere in the Header to allow the user to Bookmark the site.

Enable/Disable Button: Turns the button On or Off if required. Aides in development. Eliminates the need to disable the Plugin if the button needs to be disabled temporarily.

Select a Button: Pick one of the possible buttons for the site that best goes with your Header banner area.

Top Left or Right: Select which side you want the button to reside on – button will track with that side if the browser window is re-sized.

Down (Y): Set the number of Pixels down from the top (relative to the Selected Buttons Top) to place the button.

Across (X): Set the number of Pixels to the edge of the Button (determined by the Top Right or Left setting) to offset the button relative to that side.

*NOTE: The Button will automatically adjust the Down (Y) Offset if the Admin Toolbar is present.


 Download the DBWD Bookmark Plugin

1. Download the Plugin and Unzip it to a directory of your choice.

2. Upload the entire “DBWD Bookmark” directory to your “wp-content/plugins” directory.

3. Go to your Sites WordPress Admin Panels Plugins Menu.

4. Activate “DBWD Bookmark Page”.

5. Go to the Settings Menu and select “DBWD Bookmark” and configure your Bookmark Button.

*NOTE: You must save the configuration at least once to activate the Bookmark Button.

Debra Berube / D.B. Web Development

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